Creating A Storytelling Video

It isn’t about the videos you make, but about the stories you tell with them.  Since the birth of digital imaging it has become easier and easier to collect photos and videos from every single event in our lives. A valuable way of capturing your viewer’s attention is to show them something new and unique.  The aerial perspective is a useful tool for this.  Due to the recent onset of drone popularity nearly every movie, commercial, and TV show now incorporate drone footage into the production.  Below are a few tips for creating a video your viewer will enjoy watching.



  • Decide what your message will be


Get to the point quickly.  Do not make your audience question what they are watching.  Have a clear and precise message during the first scenes.  Grab your viewer’s attention with an epic sweeping aerial view or creative nadir angle shot.



  • Keep It Simple


Set the tone by choosing whether your video will be educational, informative, or entertaining.  This will set the stage for the rest of your video.  Consider incorporating still photos into your video for a compelling backdrop.  Use text and/or music to emphasize the key information.  


  • Emotion


All good stories play on the emotions of the viewer.  The visual aspect is important, but an equally important aspect is how the video makes the viewer feel.  As a filmmaker it is your job to lead your viewer on an emotional journey.  Be specific when choosing what emotion your video will portray.  Powerful emotions to consider:  Mystery, Romance, Fear, Joy, Love, Envy, Vulnerability, Heartbreak, Amazement, Thrill, Lust, Jealousy.   



  • Keep it short and sweet


The typical viewer will not spend over 5 minutes watching a video online.  Choose only the clips that are relevant and impactful for the final cut.  Don’t loose the viewer’s attention by long drawn out scenes.  Studies have shown that viewers are more likely to watch a video that is between 30 sec. – 1 minute with about half of the viewing audience dropping out after the 5-minute mark.  



  • Use compelling footage


This may seem obvious, but any professional videographer can tell you that it isn’t always easy to capture something that has never been seen before.  We live in an era of mass image sharing.  This forces a filmmaker to think outside the box to find new and compelling content.  The drone offers a perspective that often times has never been seen before.  As such, aerial imagery has quickly become a must-have in a filmmaker’s repertoire.  


Whether you are an experienced videographer or an aspiring filmmaker, you will want to familiarize yourself with all the latest tools available to you.  Some require years of experience to use whereas others take little more than reading a user manual.  Todays drones are the latter.  With a few short days of practice, one can create compelling aerial content making them appear to be a master of their trade.  The DJI Phantom 4, for example is a popular choice among discerning professionals and armatures alike for their ease of use, quality imagery, and reasonable price point.   

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